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Internet Lease Line

Our Internet lease line is a private secure access to the internet. It provides you excellent network in remote areas 24*7. It also gives you data backup service.

Internet lease line is the premium internet connectivity product from our broadcast service to you with symmetrical speed. It can be easily operated in congested areas or for a small business purpose to reduce the loss of connectivity or cut in fiber wires.


Internet leased line provides guaranteed benefits to you and your company with the best internet access. Our network is ideal for all companies at high speed. Delivered over fiber wire due to which you get symmetrical speed with full duplex.

What we do

The fee of the connection is a fixed monthly fee. A2J Data services lease line plan is started from 7000/ per month and other primary factors affecting the monthly fee. Our connection doesn’t carry anybody else’s communications, being solely dedicated to you.
A2J internet services are ideal for all the business and companies. Our network is ideal for carrying data and data security, voice and internet traffic. Our network is fully supported by SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Our product features:

  • Highly secured

  • Easily operate in remote areas.

  • Multiple options

  • 24*7 services

  • Easy to manage and monitor

  • Dedicated public IPS

  • Connectivity for all networks

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated data connection with a fixed bandwidth. It enables small, medium, and large businesses to connect to the internet in a secure, reliable, and highly efficient manner, with maximum download capacity, resilience, and uptime.

Characteristics of Leased Lines

● Symmetrical: Leased lines are symmetrical so that download and upload speeds are equal.
● Uncontended: Leased line connections are uncontended, implying that they cannot be shared with others.
● Point to point: They connect two points – ISP and business location.

How does a Leased Line work?

A leased line is an allocated circuit between two points of communication. It is always switched on and rented for a monthly charge or according to the service provider’s terms. Leased lines are exclusive, allocated, and dedicated. This means that the associated bandwidth is exclusive for personal and business use.
They are different from traditional telecommunications technologies, which use and reuse the circuit by switching. They establish a continuous tunnel between the two communication points, allowing data to flow continuously.

Benefits of A Leased Line

While there are multiple options you can choose from to get an internet connection for your business, why should you choose a leased line? Mentioned below are a couple of benefits of choosing a leased line.

More bandwidth – leased lines can provide connectivity ranging from 2Mbit/s to 1,000Mbit/s to most companies. However, this differs based on your location.
Consistent speeds – Since your network is allocated solely for your use, you will still have a high data throughput – even at heavy use hours.
Fast upload speeds – Since leased lines are symmetrical, you can have the same high upload speeds upstream like you do downstream. This is suitable for VoIP, terminal facilities, remote data backup, video conferencing, server storage, and massive file transmission.
Unlimited data sharing – you can use the connectivity indefinitely, hence, you can use the connection for multiple devices. There are no further fees if you exceed any arbitrary monthly usage limit. Nobody will slow down your link if you go over an arbitrary ‘reasonable use’ quota.
Business-class service – you won’t have to wait in a queue for 40 minutes while a recorded voice informs you that “your call is urgent.” Instead, you can get attentive, constructive guidance from professionally competent experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uses of leased lines

Small and large enterprises are employing leased lines for several reasons, some of them being:
● including Internet access
● connecting systems
● servers from several locations
● making phone calls

Apart from that, They also use it to enable remote access to employees, transfer data and control Internet traffic in a network, and for multimedia streaming.

Advantages of a leased line
The major advantages of the leased line include :
● dedicated bandwidth
● symmetric lines,
● exceptional speed
● low latency
● Reliability
Leased lines come with an SLA for performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Disadvantages of a leased line
● Connectivity cost
● Installation cost
● Installation time

Why are leased lines expensive?
Leased lines are more expensive than other connection services like ADSL or SDSL, as t
Difference between a leased line and broadband

Leased Line Broadband
Downloads and uploads have identical speeds. Download speed is more than upload speed
Speeds are extremely high in this setup Speeds are moderate in this, especially as compared to Leased line
The connection here is dedicated, does not cause interruptions Bandwidth is shared between several people